Visions From A Black Hole

Nothing can escape. Everything can be captured by a black hole. I have always been fascinated by this thought. And as dumb as you think this analogy may be, I have always been fascinated by what can be captured through the shutter of a camera.

A camera captures history. It captures beauty and horrors; wars, miracles, tragedies, and hope. Most importantly, the black hole of the shutter captures minds and hearts.

I have felt from the age of 12 that this is one of the most meaningful and important jobs. Documenting life and making people think, and hopefully inspiring hope and action, this is my purpose.

Lots of people want to save the world, I want to engage the world. I want people to appreciate the beauty and empathize with the injustice. That’s asking a lot. But images are a strong medium.

So tag along with me. This blog will not only serve as a platform for my work, but also my inventions and inspirations. Feel free to comment here or connect with me through my other Internet personas.

“Alway do right this will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” -Mark Twain

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