Trip to New Yok

I was in New York last weekend, and had great fun shooting with my 24-70 lens. I took my DSLR and my new Holga 120 Pan for a test drive, I didn’t finish my 6 photo roll though, so more of those images to come after processing. I did shoot quite a bit on my DSLR and I went to the photography mecca for shopping- the B&H Photo Super Store.

I foolishly thought that half an hour would be enough time for me to find and purchase the three items I needed in this store. Never have I walked into a building and been so bewildered and overjoyed simultaneously. But I did walk out with a new camera bag. You can check out an interactive tour of the store here:

In my two and half days in the city, I mostly visited Queens and the Bronx. I will be posting shots from the Holga 120 pan soon. In the mean time, here are a few DSLR shots from the trip.

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