Quick Update for the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you are as excited about the prospects of a new year as I am. This past year was simply incredible. I traveled extensively for work, married my husband, went on an epic photography trip a.k.a honeymoon and created a lot of cool content. The only problem is that I haven’t shared any of that with you. I received my snazzy snapshot of my site and blogs posted in 2014 and I had posted only three… how pathetic. However, I am feeling fresh, energized and creative and intend to correct that.

At the turn of the new year, I always get lost in my head for a few weeks contemplating the previous year’s successes and failures, what my goals for the new year are, am I working towards my goals for five or ten years from now? It is a great time, but it can be hard to move past the thoughts and get some things accomplished.

Well, I am proud to say that I have really gotten some things accomplished in these past six days. For example, I stopped procrastinating about figuring out my sewing machine – which I have done for almost two years. I sat it down in front of the TV and YouTube’d my way into sewing four pillow inserts. I also took down every photo frame in my house and recreated my gallery photo wall in my living room to incorporate the photos my husband and I took on our trips to Ireland and New Zealand. I also went hiking, got a library card and subsequently library books, got a “Wunderlist” account to keep on track with my goals and planned out at least three new blog posts.

What do all of these non-photography related things have in common? Action! I am a NOTORIOUS procrastinator, as you must know, however I am really trying to make a lifestyle change here and be proactive. Life is more fun that way. So this is just a quick update to say that I will be putting out more blogs this year. My goal is to do at least one a week with the intention of being more mindful about my passion. Wishing you a wonderful new year with many thanks for your support!

All the best,