How to Plan a Photo Adventure and New York Portfolio Review

On October 4th, my husband and I were wed. We had debated back and forth about where to go (and how much we could afford to spend) on our honeymoon. However, there was one place that was on the top of both of our bucket lists, and we just had to make it happen as our first big adventure together as ‘man and wife.’ So we planned a three-week-long photo trip/honeymoon to New Zealand! I will be sharing some photos from the trip soon, but I wrote a post for National Geographic’s Your Shot blog about how to plan a photo adventure around your honeymoon or vacation, which you can read here:

I have been braving the DC cold and working on a couple of shoots to keep making photos. I have also been using the cold weather as an excuse to stay indoors and go back through my photos. There is an open call for photo submissions to the Third Annual New York Portfolio Review (sponsored by the New York Times Lens blog) and the deadline is February 11, but I would love to be accepted and want to learn more about becoming a better storyteller. If you’re interested in submitting for the review, here is the link:®ion=Body&_r=0

I’m still very much in my own head planning some goals, doing research, learning, examining my work, working out ways to make better stories. I will post some new photos, soon!